Matterport is Changing How You View Real Estate

By: Krissie Cole


In my past career I specialized in 3D Dental Scanners, so when I found out about the Matterport technology, I was all in.  We use the 3D Virtual Reality tours for every one of our listings, no matter what the price at no extra charge to homeowners.

A Matterport tour happens when a trained specialist comes in and scans an entire home with a specialized Matterport 3D camera on a tripod.  On average it takes 30-45 minutes per 1000 sq ft.  The scans are then uploaded to Matterport’s website and in about a day you get a link to a website to promote your listing.  Potential buyers can then walk through the house with the ability to look up, down and all around, 360 degrees in Virtual Reality.  They can use any device or even VR goggles when viewing the tour.  There are other technologies out there, but from what I have seen, Matterport is the gold standard.   We use the local company 3D iSight to complete our scans.  Take a look at a sample tour here.

There are many other applications for the technology that are quite advantageous when I’m marketing a property.  Screenshot photos can be taken from any scan in the tour.  Matterport can convert the file into a schematic floor plan complete with room measurements that, according to Matterport are 98-99% accurate.  We even have the unique ability to upload the tour into a 3D CAD Design software to help clients re-imagine the design of their home (think HGTV).  My husband, Frank Cole, who is also a Realtor, has a background as a contractor.  His experience comes in handy with how we can use the information from the Matterport.

Overall we appreciate how it can help people view a home when they may not be able to be there in person and it helps our homeowners reduce the amount of showings where people may not be truly interested.  It provides a lot more detailed information than a standard walk through video does.   We have seen the amount of buyers putting in offers on our properties sight unseen increase.

You will start to see 3D imagery used a lot more in different industries like insurance, architecture, and hospitality.  How would you like to see it used?

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